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Nicholas Ord
3 min readFeb 6, 2021
Femme Fatal Ice Breaker Tokens Netrunner World Championships 2016

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At the Netrunner World Championships 2016 you could win Femme Fatal tokens but I did not win any <8'0(. So I made some to give away:

Plastic Tokens

Thanks to Nisei for the excellent community

Learn how to play at Team Covenant and check out this Netrunner explanation video

Cool weekly streams at the Metropole Grid

How to make

Scan and crop from your own cards using Gimp, get the tokens up to 300 dpi with cubic interpolation (go to image => scale)

Then go to Make Playing Cards.

You’ll need “Horizontal Micro Deck Custom Blank Cards, 1.25”x1.75" (31.8×44.5mm) (54 cards)

Card stock: (P10) Plastic

Card finishing: MPC game card finish

About $9 for 54.

Femme Fatal

Two i.D. proxies done in the same way (still can’t find the artist but would love to give them credit — if you know ping me, thx)

Kate McCaffrey Digital Tinkerer
Weyland Corp — “Builder of Nations”

Weyland Corporation gets a bad publicity from scoring a Hostile Takeover.

Chisel on an advanced Hortum Ice

Tokens from the past: