FFT Patent Granted 21.11.23

US patent office grants power at distance with Fast Fourier Transforms

Nicholas Ord
3 min readDec 6, 2023

Method: decomposing complex 3 phase magnetic fields via fast fourier transforms at a distance in real time (every microsecond)

The economic advantage is speed to install and safety

Current installation rates for distribution grids of about 20k transformers are 100 assets per year; the main bottleneck to energy digitisation

This patent means installations are 10x faster than previous equipment allowing the same number of engineers to do 2k assets reaching 20% critical mass of digitisation needed within 2 years (not 40)

The densest energy transaction areas (industrial production, consumption and the distribution nodes inbetween) need to be online before fossil turns off

Forecasting energy and allowing data driven energy market pricing and trading at scale

(Left Pic) FFT sensor placed 50cm air gap from 3 phase cables in 630kVA transformer (Right Pic) same transformer same timeframe Fluke 1746 Power Analyser and 6 cables (3 Voltage 3 Current) physcially connected. The allows faster and safer installation in high power assets to aquire energy data every second
FFT sensor placed 20cm on other side of wall to power cables for washing machine. Left pic 60°C cycle Right pic 90°C Cycle; a far longer red bar for heating element on the right. Types of power heating (resistive) pumps (inductive) clearly differentiated (50Hz (P) and 150Hz (Q) via Fast Fourier Transform
Google campaign in airports, train stations and business publications Q4 2023

Two products, one purpose: speed to scale

Brightfield (pictured above) captures 3 phase energy fields. Fast energy data acquisition in risky areas with no meters

For assets already with meters, Brightfield quickly converts old 1979 interfaces to AI ready data (pictured below)

Direct contact to industrial power and costly installation times are avoided, solving the bottleneck to renewable energy transition

Google Cloud AI interface reads 20 Schneider Electric PM3255 meter values every second and converts these to AI ready data for GCP. Blue cable goes to Brightfield ten sensor cluster unit RS07, yellow cable to the PM3255

Customers recieve a free copy of the Brightfield cloud to monetize their own industrial energy data

Note for partners:

Brightfield is not a “platform”:

Brightfield is a hardware and cloud turnkey solution for companies to own their own platforms as producer (wind, solar), factory consumer or grid distributor

Creating new participants in energy markets for their revenue growth (as data provider role to energy markets; EU law 2023) and their own audits (proof of renewbale component of energy consumption)

for further reference see Google Cloud Blog

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