Designed, built, patented Brightfield with 67 engineers over 5 years and big help from Google.

To predict renewable loads in cities and solve energy bottlenecks as we transition to renewable energy - soon!

Brightfield creates AI ready energy data for industrial assets; no post processing cloud side needed; thousands of assets in sync every second. Rivers of streaming data, not stagnant data lakes.

Illuminate the grid. Bring light to fields of dark fossil energy.

See renewable energy move from production through the grid to customers at near light speed in data.

New EU law proposals allow for "data providers": This means factories (using Gigawatts), Windfarms and Solar fields (Megawatts) can actively participate in energy markets directly.

We use Terraform to transfer Brightfield clouds to customers within a day; their IP addresses, their data for them to sell. Not someone else's platform. Yours.

Background: Engineer for ARM based hardware data sources streaming to GCP. Previously at Infineon and Siemens now E.ON working with Google.

I sign work with 93e3 bebc c164 d766. Patent references here

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